AFY Haniff Penyelesaiannya

Korang penah guna tak AFY Haniff
Benonya kan ms balik mesia ritu...dapo bau lipas
Hahahaha rumah tinggal la katakan
Pastu aku jumpe sekor lipas tergedik dlm kabinet
Pehhh aku dh le mmg geli ngan minatang ni
Aku biokan jek dia idup jap

Masa kuo g tesco saja la belek2 terjumpe lak AFY Haniff
Serai wangi yek..
Aku rembat la 2 botol
Balik umah aku spray jek dalam kabinet
Muahahhahaa pastu aku biokan
Jengah balik dah menghilangkan diri sang lipas
Aku carik2 mmg x jumpe
Dah dekat sebulan kat umah mmg xde lipas

Ismaliana Bt Sulaiman a.k.a mamamya...
Weii ko igt lagi tak projek ETR kite dulu
"Envy-Sabun Anti Nyamuk" guna serai wangi
Ekekekkeke bukan takat projek tuk presentation ETR jek
Kita siap menjual lagi sabun ni

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13 Gtau jek:

Unknown said...

Bagus la kalo lipas tu dah hilang..
Bagus spray tu..

feel free to join my GA

Lelord said...

@Jamiel tu la bagus ni....lipas ilang bau pun xde ekekekke

[leily.laily] said...

sy pun penah try pakai afy hanif serai wangi tuk halau semut alus2 tu tp keberkesanan die agak kurang banding ngan spray ridsect tu.. ehehehhe, sekali sembur je mampus abes.. :P

Lelord said...

@♥Leily|Ummi Alya Husna♥ hahhahaha yg tu mmg cepat mampos segala minatang tp lela x suke bau cenggitu

Anonymous said...

eh! nak cari jugak la bnda ni..
paling benci dgn lipas ni taww

mommychaa said...

Hye nice entry here… im cik cha, very new berblogging-blogging nih! Hehehe…wajib ada kat umah barang nih coz my house byk lipas euuw!
do visit my blog at

Lelord said...

@makdara TERdiva jgn berlengah dapatkan segera di pasaran...hahahha promote AFY Haniff kena bg royalti ni

Anonymous said...

mmg bagus!tikus sume lari ooo..
kt bwh ade link fb pages dia..!/pages/AFY-HANIFF-BENA-BEKAL/360341231437

Anonymous said...

@♥Leily|Ummi Alya Husna♥

ermm..mmg semut 2 x mati..dia bg halau ja..tapi kalo guna secara consistent..insyaallah semut 2 x mai da...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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